12 Days of Blogmas

Hi guys, I was recently tagged for some holiday book tags and I noticed that a lot of people were participating in Blogmas – what is Blogmas you ask?

Blogmas is an event that occurs every December, in which bloggers (and vloggers) post every…single…day! The posts (or videos, or whatever) relate to Christmas, although that seems a little exclusive.

So I decided that I was just going to start participating now and do 12 days of Blogmas – but I want to try to make it a balance of Christmas related posts and other posts. I don’t know if that’ll happen.. I may end up being seized by the holiday spirit and just doing all Christmas things.

I hope you guys enjoy and be sure to check back here as I will update this post with links to all of my Blogmas posts so you can check them out!

For now, I’ll just post some teasers for what you can expect to see coming up. The posting dates are not 100% accurate, because I tend to rearrange my posts a lot.










Paper Goods


Weekly Wrap Up


Pre-Christmas Book Haul


Joy of Christmas Tag

3 responses to “12 Days of Blogmas”

    • Thanks. It’s a really great goal! I wish I had been able to start sooner, but I couldn’t with school. I just wouldn’t have had time to get the early posts ready. I’m excited to post every day up until Christmas from now on though.


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