Shelflove Crate Unboxing – Kingdom of Ash

With the release of Kingdom of Ash, I knew I wanted to get a special subscription box but the question was – which one? I ended up ordering Shelflove Crate and I am so happy that I did! The crate was fantastic and makes me want to subscribe to their monthly crates.


Without further ado, here is the Kingdom of Ash Shelflove Crate Unboxing!

Spoiler Card


Tote Bag


Absolutely obsessed, it’s about libraries! How much better could it be for a librarian?



This pillowcase is the exact colour scheme of my library, so should I just sleep in there?

The Book (7)


So excited to have a mug covered in wyverns. I use it all of the time.


Hmm, spin the sword and see who Aelin belongs with? It’s too pretty to care that it’s a little weird to have her cousin on here.



Oh my gosh, they look like they’re staring at each other. So much side eye. (Or pining after one another. It’s so cute.)



Look at those precious little Maeve lackeys.


Oh my gosh, I love the pompom, the colour and yes I will be wearing this a lot.



These are gorgeous and pretty sturdy.



I love this and immediately put it on when I got it. (I’ve also worn it a bunch of times since.)

This blanket is incredibly gorgeous, bright, and soft. And I can’t get a decent photo of it.

Book Related Goodies

I am absolutely going to use this the next time I travel internationally.. if that ever happens.

I’m sure I can find someone who can eat this. (I gave it to my HS co-worker who is obsessed with ToG, as well as some other ToG things and she was so happy.)

The Book

I’ll try to add this at a later date, but be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see it first. I’ve had this post ready for so long but my iMovie crashed and deleted ALL of my projects… so I lost the edits that I had started and somehow also all my footage and just haven’t had the chance to re-film the video yet – so I’m finally posting just posting this unboxing.

So what did you guys think about this box? Honestly, I think it was so amazing. Obviously, it’s not a monthly box but a special one-time one, so it will be a little different than what I normally unbox, but I’m already obsessed. I have decided to try their monthly box once to see how it compares. I may have found a new bookish subscription box addiction!

I legitimately cannot pick a favourite item from this box although I’ve definitely worn the necklace enough times that by use it’s my tops. But literally everything was perfect.


9 responses to “Shelflove Crate Unboxing – Kingdom of Ash”

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  3. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

    Oooooh I have yet to read TOG, but this was a fantastic looking box!! It seemed like you enjoyed it all…even though the cousin pin was a bit off. XD But your unboxings are always amazing, and I totally want to be a TOG fan now to get these. Wonderful post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kyera Avatar

      To be honest I wanted to see more Abraxos stuff, but apparently no one else is quite as obsessed with wyverns or dragons as I am, so I can’t be mad. Haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kyera Avatar

        Maybe, but the series is over now. A Court of Candles even did a whole box and I was like… oh ToG candles, Abraxos! No Abraxos. Literally everyone else.

        Liked by 1 person

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