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The holidays are upon us and you need gifts for the bookwyrms in your life – but they own basically every book on the planet so what can you get them?

I hope you enjoy my Bookish Gifts series (which can be adapted for birthdays, holidays, and for just because presents). 


I actually have two of the three pillows here and obsess over so many of their designs, so I knew I had to recommend them.

I have so many things designed by Evie, it’s not even funny. They’re just so gorgeous.

As a librarian (or future librarian) I’ve always been in love with this pillow, or art print, and need it in my life.

I am obsessed with these things. They’re just so soft and versatile. I have a creamy white furry one and it’s the best. I have it when I read in bed, sit in my computer chair writing, reading, or just watching Youtube videos.. I even made my own cover for it so that I could use that cover for travel rather than my nice fur one. (It has llamas on it.)


I received a blanket from the Shelflove Crate Kingdom of Ash box and I am obsessed with it. Ink and Wonder Designs created a fantastic flower map of Erilea, much like you may have seen of their Prythian map (shown below). I can’t take a halfway decent photo of the blanket, but let me tell you… every bookworm needs one in their lives.

Prythian Map A4 Wooden Print
Erilea Blanket
(This is from the Shelflove Crate website and the photo is by @caseyrosereads)


I have this one and adore it because it’s covered in wyverns.


This light is so perfect for reading. You can charge it and take it wherever you go, whether its your bed, the couch or just outside under the stars. It was on my Christmas list this year and my Dad already gave it to me. I love it!

Be sure to check back again soon for the next post in my Bookish Gifts series! I hope you enjoyed this one and let me know what your favourite item was this time around! And let me know if there are any specific items you’d like me to cover!


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