Bookish Christmas Gifts – Subscription Boxes


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The most recent theme for Fairy Loot was: Dragons – and if you’ve been on my blog for any time you will probably notice that I’m obsessed with dragons (and wyverns and the like). You can check out my most recent unboxing post for October’s box: Beautiful Deceptions. So I thought I would give you a little sneak peak of my upcoming unboxing post for December’s Fairy Loot as I wholeheartedly recommend them as my favourite monthly subscription box.

Dragon Necklace
with Glowing Wings

Shelflove Crate

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I have not subscribed to them on a monthly basis before, but I purchased the Kingdom of Ash Special Edition Box and was incredibly overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of the items in the box. Honestly, it was so worth the money and I will definitely be purchasing any future special edition boxes that are for book series that I love.

I did purchase a monthly box for December, just to see but it won’t arrive until Christmas Eve – so I cannot speak to the quality quite yet, but keep an eye out for an unboxing post!

Fae Crate

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Image Credit: Fae Crate

I purchased a hangover crate (Queen of Air and Darkness) from Fae Crate and thought it was fantastic. I have also purchased the Bloodwitch one, which they actually worked with the author, Susan Dennard, on and I’m so excited. I just wanted to give you guys a little preview of why this box was so amazing (oh how I wish I had purchased the Kingdom of Ash box) before I posted my official unboxing post.

I have not tried their monthly boxes. The shipping cost is $9 and that just seems so pricey, so $43 for one month of a subscription box (that’s not Fairy Loot, which I know will never disappoint me) is hard to convince myself to try… but at some point, I’m sure I will.


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Image Credit: Owlcrate

Owlcrate is fun, and they’ve just started doing boxes themed to one book/series – which is awesome! You can check out my Ruthless Royals unboxing post. (Lost in the Bookstore coming soon!)

Litjoy Crate

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Image Credit: Litjoy Crate

I wasn’t super impressed with the one month that I subscribed – but the thing I love about Litjoy Crate is that you can order a book only subscription, so if the book is a special edition you can still get it without getting the whole box. Plus, they have started to make trading cards, so they’re a fun thing to collect and you still get them even if you purchase the book only option.

Are there any YA book subscription boxes that you swear by? Ones I definitely need to check out? Let me know in the comments below!






6 responses to “Bookish Christmas Gifts – Subscription Boxes”

  1. Reading with Rendz Avatar

    I’ve always wanted to try a subscription box, but it is so risky if you can’t guess the right book. Plus, I’m really not up for paying for a bunch of paper items, I really want mugs, candles, booksleeves and other like thick things that makes the cost worth it! (And too many of them have ToG merch in them and you knoe how I feel about ToG lol). But I def think the ones you’ve mentioned come with the most reliable items!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kyera Avatar

      I definitely hesitate when I can’t guess the book, but sometimes (and right now, of course, I can’t remember who just said it) they mention we have x number of items in our box and NONE of them are paper! It’s killing me though. Ugh, well it’s probably FairyLoot or FaeCrate since those are the ones that I feel I’ve looked at most recently.

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

    Have you seen the new Feb theme for Fairyloot??? This was a great breakdown, and I definitely helped me try to figure out if I was losing out or not with not getting them. Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kyera Avatar

      Oh yeah, BatB is always perfect. It’s one of my favourite original fairytales. I’ll probably end up ordering 🙄 I usually can’t stop myself with Fairyloot but at least maybe I can convince someone to do it as an early birthday present? It was their anniversary last March, so my mom got me that as a present… and I was hooked.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

        I’ve been debating. I mean, that intro picture is gorgeousssss. And YES. March is the month, so it could be perfect! 🙂 You need it to complete the Belle lifestyle.

        Liked by 1 person

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