Winter Book Haul

 I do these so infrequently that I warn you.. this is a big haul. It wasn’t too bad until I really started thinking about it and realized that I have a LOT of books to show you guys. I just added everything up in my head and it was $93 (not including subscription boxes) – but most of them were with my Amazon gift card so I didn’t actually spend that amount.

Arc’s I Received This Month:

Shadowsong by S Jae-Jones

I’m really excited to read this and participated in the blog tour yesterday!

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

This is an e-arc, but I am so incredibly excited to be able to read this one that I’m putting it on my physical haul list. I don’t even care.


Wish by Debra Ansing

This author was lovely enough to send me a copy of her book and it sounds so intriguing, I am currently reading it!

Books I Bought: IMG_7830.JPG

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Books I Got In Subscription Boxes:


The Cruel Prince by Holly Black – My Unboxing PostMy Unboxing Video

Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller – My Unboxing PostMy Unboxing Video


Faerieland (Colouring Book) by Michael O’Mara Books

Books I Got in Other Magical Ways:


Champion (Graphic Novel) by Marie Lu


Ever the Brave by Erin Summerill

What books have you purchased recently and what is coming out soon that you’ve pre-ordered? Let me know in the comments below!

13 responses to “Winter Book Haul”

  1. Great Haul!

    Thanks for letting us know about “Daughter of the Pirate King” being only $6!!! I just bought it 😀

    I really really liked “The Cruel Prince”! I have never read anything by Holly Black before, but I have a book hangover from “The Cruel Prince” so I might go check out her other works. I like Cassandra Clare and I might just have to get “The Copper Gauntlet” because its by both of theme?!?!

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    Screaming, because you got Daughter of the Pirate King and it was such a deal. DEALS ARE THE BEST. Lol, I’m also super intrigued by magical ways you got books?? DID YOU DO A DEAL WITH A SHIFTY MAGICIAN ON THE CORNER??? Frogkisser for such a good deal too? AND IT IS SO PRETTY. Also, signed copy of Renegades??? So much love. how pretty is it?

    I have so many more thoughts, but I feel like I’m already fangirled enough. 😉 Wonderful post! ❤

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    • You are welcome to continue fangirling. I had to go to a Scholastic Book Fair thing for my library. The director asked me to pick up some children’s books and they were having a B1G1 free sale. Some stuff was full priced, but I only considered the cheap stuff.

      Oh the magical ways… Ever the Brave I won from HMH teen but that doesn’t sound as whimsical.

      I was so torn between the Target copy of Renegades and the signed copy from Barnes and Noble. I’ll have to take a photo when I get home and send you the signature, probably on insta.

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      • To be honest, that sounds like such a dream. I would love to go back to one. That was my fave as a kid. But that’s super smart. Did you end up getting a lot for your library?

        Lol it didn’t, but it’s still cool. 😉

        Oooooh yes! I will have to see. It really was torn with it too, but signed is kind of epic indeed. 😉 Did you get your Iko signed print?

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      • No not really, we don’t have a ton of money… so I felt really torn when looking at books but I ended up with four new graphic novels and we really need to improve that section.

        Sadly no, I didn’t pre-order the book. Since grad school is absurdly expensive (my first class cost me $2304) I’ve had to be really careful with books.

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      • Ooooh that’s great that you ended up going with something different like that! Graphic novels are definitely always the ones to suffer, so at least you’re varying it up a bit.

        Oh dear gosh. Yes, I can imagine. D: D: D:

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