Run Away With the Circus – February 2017 Owlcrate Unboxing

I have purchased an Owlcrate before, but this was by far my favourite box. When I heard the theme, I just knew what new release was going to be inside this subscription box and that I needed to have it.

The first thing you notice when you open the box is this gorgeous card with the artwork for this month’s theme: Run Away With the Circus. It’s so vibrant and festive, I can’t wait to display it on my shelf!

I’m immediately struck by all of these adorable bookish goodies, from a tiny notepad to a scent-sational candle. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Just like the Night Circus said, “It smells like it does at night, but fainter, of caramel and popcorn and smoke from a bonfire.” This candle perfectly encompasses the smells of the Circus of Dreams and I will absolutely be using it during a re-read.

What book blogger doesn’t love page flags? They’re so useful for jotting down notes to reference for your reviews later. These might be a little too adorable to use, I just love them.

Why yes, I do need a tiny notebook to jot down ideas and thoughts in. What an adorable concept (and I’m happy to say I got the Ace of Hearts on the other side, it’s weird but I am pleased by the specific cards adorning my notebook.)

This adorable cinnamon donut (doughnut) lip balm goes perfectly with the circus theme. I haven’t opened it yet, so I can’t speak to the scent or the quality.

Owlcrates generally come with a little pin and this one has some trapeze artists on it. Pretty basic but cute.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber – if you’re interested in reading my review for the book you can check it out here! This is the book I expected and was so excited to read! It totally didn’t disappoint and I’m so happy that I own a copy (plus it came with a signed book plate that I can put in my book.) I love that the books usually come signed or with a signed book plate and letter from the author. It’s just this great extra touch that makes this box even more magical.

Other than the book, this is quite possibly what I was most excited to receive. When I ordered the box, I knew that I would be receiving a tote bag specially designed for this Owlcrate by EvieBookish/Evie Seo. I absolutely adore her artwork and buy things from her on Society6, so I knew I needed this. I’m also super happy that I received the black version of the bag (there was also a red option).

And here is my box, unpacked. (By the way, I totally forgot to take a picture of the little bookmark, sorry.)

The theme for next month is: Sailors, Ships and Seas. I’ve heard that it’s great if you’re a fan of pirates, mermaids and the ocean. I’m still torn about getting this box, what book do you guys think will be in it? Hope you enjoyed my unboxing, happy reading!


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