Son of the Dawn – Cassandra Clare

Son of the Dawn (Ghosts of the Shadow Market #1)Son of the Dawn by Cassandra Clare

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With the anticipation for the release of Queen of Air and Darkness in December, I’m glad that we are able to dive back into the Shadow World sooner than that. I wanted to wait to read some of these novellas until a number of them had been released so that it felt a little more like a cohesive story. That being said, they do not need to be read at the same time as they are each contained stories. There will be eight total novellas that will be a part of the Ghosts of the Shadow Market book.

The series seems to take place throughout Jem’s lifetime as a Silent Brother, so the stories can jump around a little and you have to quickly orient yourself to what time period of the Shadowhunter history you’re experiencing. If you haven’t read the Mortal Instruments, the Infernal Devices, or I suspect the Dark Artifices you will be spoiled for things and you won’t appreciate the novellas as much.

In Son of the Dawn, we are reintroduced to some of our favourite characters although they are much younger than we ever knew them. The authors weave two narratives together, but it is the one involving the NYC Shadowhunters that I cared so deeply about. We get to experience Jace’s journey to New York City and his introduction to his new family for the first time. It was so emotional and precious, my heart just hurt seeing baby Jace (yes, he’s ten but he’s still baby Jace).

I loved getting to know more about Jem and his struggles adapting to his new identity as Brother Zachariah and a Silent Brother. It was so nice to see Jace, Izzy, and Alec as kids because while they were young and different people then, you could also so clearly see the people they were going to grow up into as little seeds in their personalities. I really enjoyed this story and the start of the Ghosts of the Shadow Market novellas.

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