The Princess Bride – William Goldman

The Princess BrideThe Princess Bride by William Goldman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had never read the Princess Bride before, but I was quite familiar with the movie. The director did such a wonderful job translating this book into a movie, that every scene was familiar. I listened to it via audiobook and it was the version narrated by the director himself. It was interesting because he inserted a number of asides during his narration that illustrated the effect the story had on him as a young boy and the changes that his father made in the retelling.

This could be considered a spoiler, so ignore the next paragraph if you want to avoid any possible spoilers.

My biggest qualm about the story is that it does not have an ending. As interesting as it is to decide for yourself what happens, it’s never quite as satisfying as reading the entire story from start to finish and knowing what the conclusion is. It feels abrupt and that is the only thing that isn’t perfect about it.

The characters, action and adventure, and story hit all of the right notes. It has become a classic for a reason and I’m so glad that I finally got a chance to read it. I would highly recommend listening to the audiobook, as it was an enjoyable way to experience the book.

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