Reasons Why I Blog – Top 5 Tuesday

Another Top 5 Tuesday, have you started participating yet? Shanah comes up with some really interesting prompts, so it’s really fun to participate.

I keep seeing other people’s responses to this prompt and you guys came up with such great reasons. Apparently I’m not introspective enough because I struggled, and I am so tempted to steal some of the other people’s reasons because they’re so true and I just didn’t think of them myself.

They also did a fantastic job explaining themselves and I’m just standing here (sneakily reading at work, shhhh) totally jealous. I’ve just now decided that a new reason why I blog is because I learn so much from you guys.

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme that the lovely Bionic Bookworm does. If you are interested in doing any of her topics on your blog she welcomes it! Here is a list of her upcoming topics if you’re interested in participating in future Top 5’s! Be sure to check out the reasons why she blogs post here!

Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog:

I Like Talking About Books, Who Knew?

I love reading. So much. But guess what? I don’t really have friends that read. Yes, some of them might read a little bit, occasionally, but none of them are as obsessed with books as I am. It’s nice to talk to people sometimes about books or my bookshelves (even if I’m not great about talking to people in the real world.. which leads me to…)

The People

Honestly, it’s less scary here than the real world. You explore someone’s blog, even if you don’t know them and you can read about all the amazing books they’ve read or laugh at their tag answers. I could never go up to a random person I didn’t know and talk to them, at all.

Plus this community is so wonderful, you guys are all welcoming and ready to help both new and established bloggers alike. Plus we can fangirl and wax poetically over books we love and mourn the loss of favourite characters (or books in a series that are taking way too long to come out!)

Getting Book Recommendations

There are so many enjoyable books out there and I’m sure there are a ton that I would miss without this community. They introduce me to all these books and make my TBR way longer than it would have been otherwise. You guys definitely push my out of my comfort zone and inspire me to read things I might not normally pick up.

Writing Reviews

Personally, I enjoy writing book reviews. I feel proud when I write one that I feel is particularly good and get excited for other people to read it. It also allows me to grow as a writer by continually practicing the craft.

Hearing From Other Readers About My Blog

This is different for me than connecting with the community. It’s honestly the best feeling in the world when someone tells me they enjoy my reviews. It’s even more amazing when someone reads something I write and decides to pick up a book, or tells me my enthusiasm inspired them to read. I love passing on my passion for reading (or love of certain books) to others.


What did you guys think of my list?  Let me know what books have been on your TBR the longest in the comments below!

12 responses to “Reasons Why I Blog – Top 5 Tuesday”

  1. Ooooh I love your list and share a lot of the same reasons. The book that’s been on my TBR the longest is probably Yes Please by Amy Poehler. I think I might pick it up next month finally 🙂

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