Cinder – Marissa Meyer (Re-Read)

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)Cinder by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Re-Read Update:

I am in love with this series, all over again. I have been wanting to re-read this series for a while and my recent-ish read of Wires and Nerve reignited my love of this series. It had been a while since I was in the world and I had forgotten how much I loved these books.

I love fairytales and Marissa Meyer’s retellings of the classic tales we’ve all grown up with are fantastic. She turns the mousey girl from the original fairytale into a relatable character that we fall in love with. Cinderella is not one of my favourite fairytales because I prefer my heroines to have a little more spunk and backbone, but Cinder is just perfect.

Kai is one of those characters that is just so good. He is incredibly kind to Cinder, even when he believes that she is just a mechanic with a grease mark on her forehead, despite his station in life generally lending itself to an air of superiority. Prince Kai only wants what is best for his people and the Commonwealth, willing to sacrifice himself for their well-being if need be. He is definitely one of my favourite male characters, although if I’m being honest I probably have a lot of those.

Most importantly, we meet Iko the droid with the faulty personality chip that we couldn’t fall in love with more. Her loyalty and pure desire to just be a person are heartwarming. (And also sad, because she is a droid and not treated like a person by anyone but Cinder.)

We don’t see much of the world that Cinder lives in beyond New Beijing aside from small, throwaway comments. The world building that is done though is vivid and allows the reader to see the city grow in their mind. As this is a re-read, I am also aware that the world building is expanded extensively over the course of the novels and can understand the more rudimentary foundation being laid here.

I appreciated the effortless melding of elements from the classic fairytale into this unique science fiction world. It is wonderfully done and the story is well written. I would highly recommend this series to young adult/teen readers who enjoy fairytale retellings, science fiction, and intricate, interconnected stories.

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18 responses to “Cinder – Marissa Meyer (Re-Read)”

  1. Brilliant review, Kyera! ❤ I didn't think too much about the world building but you're right. It was a bit vague for this book, and I didn't realize just how much was added in the next books to make it so intriguing. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it yet again. And Kai and Iko. SO CUTE. You summed this up wonderfully and I can't wait to read your reviews of the future ones. 😉

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    • I’m only halfway through the second book and I’m already getting sad because I feel like I’m almost done and I’m going to have to find something new to read after this. What can compare? It’s silly though because I still have to finish Scarlet, plus two more books… and Winter is huge. I have some time haha.

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      • Ahahaha oh no! It’s so true, though. At least Cress and Winter are big enough that it will take you some time to get through it before you have to deal with it. But start mentally preparing yourself for the book hangover. 😉

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      • Nooooooooooooooooo! *dramatically collapses* But really though, it will be terrible. I’ve decided to at least preoccupy myself by trying to make some bookstagram photos with my books.


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