Teen Titans: Beast Boy – Kami Garcia

Teen Titans by Kami Garcia

Teen Titans: Beast Boy by Kami Garcia

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

As much as I love superheroes, I never really read any of the Teen Titans stuff nor did I watch more than a few episodes of the show. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure if I would enjoy without any backstory/knowledge about Beast Boy. Spoiler: I loved it. I sat down to read it and didn’t stop until it was done. I devoured it.

I’m a huge superhero fan, I read comics and graphic novels, watch the movies and tv shows, and call my car the Batmobile (but like.. if Batgirl had a car instead of a motorcycle, Batgirl’s Batmobile.) Despite that, I haven’t explored the world of the Teen Titans too much. I went into this story without the knowledge of how Beast Boy got his name, his powers, or joined the Teen Titans. Like the other DC Ink titles, readers are introduced to an early iteration of the character and shown their origin story. I felt that the story would feel authentic to fans of Beast Boy/Gar and those that are new to the character.

Can I rave about the art? Gabriel Picolo does an incredible job of bringing Beast Boy and his environment to life. The more muted palette of green, gray, and black helped to bring Gar’s story to life. I fell in love with Gabriel’s art paired with Kami Garcia’s story – and would love to see more Teen Titans titles (or other DC Ink titles) penned by them. The story readers are given is that of Gar’s origins and leaves us wanting more. I cannot wait to see what else this duo creates and hope to see more of Beast Boy in the future. Highly recommend this graphic novel about the Teen Titan’s resident jokester.

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** DC sent me a free copy of the book to review in my posts. **


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