FairyLoot Unboxing – Queen of Nothing (Collectors Edition)

I’ve fallen in love with Holly Black’s Folk of the Air series over the last year or two, so when I saw that FairyLoot was going to be creating The Queen of Nothing Collector’s Edition Box and it was a collaboration with Holly Black? I immediately purchased the box (or technically, waited impatiently until the day they released it for purchase and bought it).

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The Queen of Nothing

Jude and Cardan Mug

I love these size mugs (I use a Manon and Abraxos one almost every day) so this Jude and Cardan one is pretty cool.

Jude Quote Book Sleeve

I love this sleeve, it’s super big and has a zipper on top so it nicely fits The Queen of Nothing (or Supernova, which I currently have in the sleeve).

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Jude and Cardan Blanket

My blanket is still in plastic, so this is someone else’s photo… but I love the artwork on it and I really want to keep it. But that means I need to get rid of some of my other bookish blankets, I currently have three on my bed and three still in the bags because six would be crazy… and I don’t have my own house yet, in which case I could put one in the guest room, the bedroom, the living room, etc.

Cardan and Quote Woodmark

Woodmarks are so cool and I have no idea how they’re made. If you’re familiar with the ones that Ink and Wonder creates, these are similiar but this woodmark is a much thinner wood than any of the ones I own from Ink and Wonder. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as those, but it’s still gorgeous!

Jude and Cardan Art Print

I am in love with this print and the black/gold colouring of it, so I’m already debating about what print I should switch this out with in my library.

Elfhame Enamel Pin

It says “I left my heart in Elfhame”, which is currently very true.

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

I love this book and how unique it is. The snake is sprayed on the edges and the clothbound book feels really nice. This is definitely one of the best books that I received this year in a book box (The Fairyloot edition of Finale, as well as Sorcery of Thorns (plus the Owlcrate edition of the same would probably make up my top 4).

I loved everything in this box, which doesn’t always happen so I am super excited (again, sorry for not having a picture with the blanket in it.)

My favourite item this month? The book. The book sleeve. The art print. They’re my top 3, but obviously the book is number one. How can you not pick that gorgeous book?

Do you have a favourite item? Have you ever subscribed to FairyLoot before? Let me know in the comments below!


3 responses to “FairyLoot Unboxing – Queen of Nothing (Collectors Edition)”

  1. Aislynn d'Merricksson Avatar

    No, I’ve never done Fairyloot before, but I may give it a shot now! Gorgeous book and those goodies are pretty amazing 😍

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    1. kyera Avatar

      Honestly, they’re the company that I’ve never been disappointed with before. They have a nice variety of items and I subscribe pretty much every month. I test some of the other ones now and again, but always stick with Fairyloot.


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