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  • FairyLoot Unboxing – Magical Folk (November 2019)

    FairyLoot Unboxing – Magical Folk (November 2019)

    I always love the artwork for Fairyloot’s monthly theme and this one is super pretty, don’t you agree? Magical Folk Fae Phone Ring This is super heavy metal, which makes it feel like good quality – I just don’t use phone rings or sockets, so I doubt I’d ever use this. Angelfall Inspired Iron-On Patch…

  • FairyLoot Unboxing – Queen of Nothing (Collectors Edition)

    FairyLoot Unboxing – Queen of Nothing (Collectors Edition)

    I’ve fallen in love with Holly Black’s Folk of the Air series over the last year or two, so when I saw that FairyLoot was going to be creating The Queen of Nothing Collector’s Edition Box and it was a collaboration with Holly Black? I immediately purchased the box (or technically, waited impatiently until the…

  • FairyLoot Unboxing – Love At First Bite (October 2019)

    FairyLoot Unboxing – Love At First Bite (October 2019)

    A vampire theme for October? I am so on board for these spooky themes. I have faith that this box won’t feel cliche, since vampires were super popular like a decade ago (even more probably) and then waned. Love At First Bite Bite Me Winter Beanie Super pretty lettering, but I think it’s too small…