Disney Aladdin: Four Tales of Agrabah – Corinna Bechko

Disney Aladdin: Four Tales of Agrabah

Disney Aladdin: Four Tales of Agrabah by Corinna Bechko

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

When reading comic books and graphic novels, the illustrations are just as important to me as the storyline. If I don’t find the illustrations to be appealing then it makes it challenging to read to the story and enjoy it. I was incredibly torn by the art in this book. Sometimes the artwork was gorgeous, but the people tended to be not well done (in fact Aladdin was a little scary looking). It definitely affected my enjoyment, although the stories were simple and cute. The style felt like it was geared more towards teen readers, but some of the stories felt more like fables where characters learn a lesson which is typically a style targeting children. Overall, it was a quick, easy read but nothing too memorable.

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