Weekly Wrap Up: October 28-November 3

It’s November and I was just told that it is supposed to snow on Friday – I’m both excited and not ready for autumn to be over. The leaves have been so gorgeous, even when they’re blanketing the ground!

Books I Reviewed This Week:

Books I Read This Week:

Rebel (Legend, #4)

Rebel by Marie Lu


Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell

Currently Reading:

The Babysitters Coven (The Babysitters Coven, #1)

The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins by the McElroy Brothers

Other Bookish Posts:

Fae Crate Unboxing – Capturing the Devil

Top 5 Tuesday – Creepy Atmospheres

Monthly Wrap Up – October/November


What books did you guys read this week, any new favourites? I’d love to get more recommendations as if my TBR pile isn’t big enough already!

Any reads on your fall TBRs? Books you’re looking forward to in 2020? Let me know in the comments below!






8 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up: October 28-November 3”

  1. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

    Ooooooh super intrigued to see your thoughts on Pumpkinheads. I’ve been debating about that one. And I’m going to try to get to the Babysitters Coven this month as well, so I’m pumped to see what you think! Great post!

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    1. kyera Avatar

      I am SOOOO behind on writing reviews, I think I have like 11 things to review right now? But I have a couple of reviews still in my drafts and another two weeks of my semester, so I think I’ll catch up then – but I felt that Pumpkinheads was a little rushed and frenetic.

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      1. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

        Agreed about Pumpkinheads. I ended up finishing it earlier this week, and I feel the same way.


  2. Udita Gowdety Avatar
    Udita Gowdety

    Aaaa, the TAZ graphic novel! Tell me, how was it??


    1. kyera Avatar

      I don’t know if I’m the best person to advise you because I’ve never listened to the podcast? Eeek! But it reads like a wacky DnD campaign, so I can imagine it’s a fun visual way to experience their stories.


      1. Udita Gowdety Avatar
        Udita Gowdety

        That’s good to hear! What exactly do you mean by wacky tho? Crazy good or crazy bad? Or just crazy?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. kyera Avatar

        It’s the typical: DM has this plan and the party is like… no, let’s do this crazy thing and completely mess up the story, so the DM has to scramble and be all “but guys you can’t do that”, and say the magic person decides they’re going to turn the very heavy switch (which they don’t have the strength for) and shenanigans ensue. If that makes any sense whatsoever? So it read like the DM has to deal with some unpredictable players.


      3. Udita Gowdety Avatar
        Udita Gowdety

        aaah, i see. that sounds exactly like what it is xD

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