Owlcrate Unboxing – Libraries of Wonder (June 2019)

As someone who is currently getting their Master’s Degree in Library Science and is going to be a librarian literally ONE YEAR – I needed this box.

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Libraries of Wonder

As an almost-librarian, I was kind of obsessed with the book this month and knew I needed all of the boxes involving it I guess? So now I have three different copies to show you guys over the next two weeks.

Strange the Dreamer Tote Bag

I love a good tote bag and this one is gorgeous, so I am super happy. It’s my current go-to when I need to carry extra stuff to the library with me.

Book Beau Brew – Belle’s Library

I still don’t drink coffee, but I’ll have to ask whoever I give this to if it’s any good. It’s gorgeous, so fingers crossed?

Skeleton Key Pen

I love this and I’ve used it a bunch already.

Bookish Coasters

These are so gorgeous and I’m in love. They’re backed by cork, which is really nice but I’m afraid since they’re really just paper on top they’ll get ruined too easily.

Narnia Bookends

These are amazing!

I don’t know why cats are considered the go-to for book lovers, but other than that… this pin is precious and perfect.

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

I loved the original version of this book, but then I saw the purple one and I also fell in love… so I just love this book. Period.

Do you have a favourite item? I think mine would have to be the book, obviously. Have you ever subscribed to Owlcrate before? Let me know in the comments below!


3 responses to “Owlcrate Unboxing – Libraries of Wonder (June 2019)”

  1. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews Avatar

    It seems like it was a great box overall??? All the fantastic Library goodies. Some of the things were just so pretty!! Wonderful unboxing as usual!!


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