Magical Creatures – Top 5 Tuesday

I’m pretty sure that if you tried to guess, you’d be able to figure out what my top 2 magical creatures are… if you guess, let me know in the comments! Now I have to sit here and think of my next three picks.

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Magical Creatures:

Image result for abraxos


I adore dragons, I think anyone that guessed would have figured that one out (and Wyverns, Wyrms, etc – basically every variation out there, I consider part of the same species of magical creature. I also think sea serpents are part of the dragon family, so I could break down my favourites just by dragon type and have a whole list.)

Image result for phoenix


Phoenixes are a very close second to dragons for me. (Also, I love thunderbirds as a different version of a magical bird option). If I’m going to be honest, my entire list if I had to just answer without thinking would just be dragon… phoenix… dragon… phoenix… dragon… and there you go, five! But now I have to include three more.

Image result for pegasus


I love horses, so obviously a winged creature that can (when need be) be fearsome in battle and fly sounds amazing.

Image result for high elf


I’ve always been partial to high elves and wood elves, but ever since I’ve started playing Elder Scrolls I’ve fallen in love with my dark elf – Manon. I know they’re beings, but they’re magical and they’re being included on my list.

Image result for gryphon elder scrolls pet


Again, Elder Scrolls. Love my little Gryphon pet. He’s so adorable (although they can be super scary and fearsome when they grow up.)

What magical creatures (or beings) are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

8 responses to “Magical Creatures – Top 5 Tuesday”

  1. I so LOVE the pictures you used to illustrate them this week! So pretty! And I do agree with you especially on the Pegasus (I would have loved to fly on their back)

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    • I already thought that elves were straddling the line of magical ‘creatures’ and wizards are definitely not creatures. Otherwise, they would have been on my list.

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