Runaways – Christopher Golden

Runaways: An Original NovelRunaways: An Original Novel by Christopher Golden

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Even though I read comics, I wasn’t familiar with the Runaways prior to reading this book. As a result, I entered this world without a familiarity of the characters and felt that there was not enough character development. Molly had that easiest voice to identify, but the other Runaways weren’t as well defined. It’s disappointing because it made it more challenging to connect with any of the characters.

Despite that, I found the plot to be fun and just an easy, superhero read. The pacing lagged at times but I felt that it was well written overall. I wasn’t impressed with the world building, the Runaway’s hideout as well as LA were described but didn’t bloom to life in vivid detail. Overall, it was enjoyable but not the most impressive superhero book I’ve read.

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