Fall of Hades – Richard Paul Evans

Fall of Hades (Michael Vey, #6)Fall of Hades by Richard Paul Evans

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As the Fall of Hades is the sixth book in the Michael Vey series, there is little left that I can discuss without there being spoilers. The characters continue to be given little moments to develop, although by the sixth book in a series I feel that we should be able to completely understand these characters’ motivations, fears, and actions. I do wish that there had been more development in each previous book because some of the characters still feel very flat.

The pacing in this novel was incongruous and inconsistent. There were climactic scenes that seemed rushed, superfluous scenes that were given too much time and other scenes that worked well with the pacing. Overall though, I felt that the story was better paced that some of the previous books in the series.

The author continues to write the series as if it is actually being written by the now fifteen-year-old protagonist. I believe that tone lends itself well to middle-grade readers, but not necessarily young adult or adult readers who prefer that genre. As it is the author’s first young adult or middle-grade series, it seems a bit awkward at times.

I found the story to be enjoyable from a casual reader perspective, once I turned off my critical review brain. It’s just a fun, easy read that I think is accessible and enjoyable for a lot of people. I’m interested to see how the author wraps up the storyline in the seventh and final book in the series – The Final Spark.

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