Wizarding World Unboxing – Secrets of the Wizarding World (November 2017)

This crate was really delayed in shipping and I didn’t get it until Christmas Eve. As a result, I didn’t have time to open it until after the holidays were over so this seems super delayed.

This month’s theme was Secrets of the Wizarding World! I loved two of the items from my last box, even though some of the others were lackluster, so I was still very excited to open this. Please join me on this magical unboxing journey! There is a video of my unboxing at the bottom of the post if you want to watch it.


Secrets of the Wizarding World

From this point in there will be spoilers, so you’ve been warned.


The Blind Pig Coasters

These are just basic cardboard coasters, so they’re not particularly sturdy. On the other side they say Gigglewater. I’m pretty ambivalent about these.


12 Grimmauld Place Collapsible Tote

If you’re familiar with Harry Potter, you’ll recognize Sirius’ childhood home and the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. This tote takes the idea of Grimmauld place essentially hiding in plain sight and turning it into a unique collapsible bag that you can take with you when you go shopping. The loud material is a little off-putting but feels like it might be weather-resistant, which is nice.


Glow-In-The-Dark Marauders Tee

I don’t wear t-shirts very often, but this navy blue one is pretty cool. It has the Whomping Willow on it, but when it glows you can see the four Marauders!


Ariana Dumbledore Secret Compartment Picture Frame

I’m sorry Ariana, but your portrait is creepy.


Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup Enamel Pin

Loot Crate makes really pretty pins and this is no exception. I was pretty sure that the horcrux line they were doing only had Ravenclaw’s diadem or Hufflepuff’s cup missing. (I missed two of the previous crates so I don’t have all of the horcruxes and don’t know for sure.)

I Am Lord Voldemort Magnet Set

I honestly don’t know what to do with these. Why would I want to spell out “I Am Lord Voldemort” or even Tom Riddle on my fridge? At least give a selection of one or more of each of the letters so that maybe I could write something with them.

When you unfold the box, it has the marauder’s map on the inside which is awesome!


Here’s the box as a whole:

And my unboxing video will come later. I am having trouble with my microphone, so even though I recorded it over a week ago the sound quality on my camera is terrible and I can’t bring myself use it. It’s still under warranty, so I’m sending it in and hopefully, I’ll get it back soon so that I can finish the video!


I normally love these boxes but I was not impressed with this one, at all. What makes it worse is that it was delayed by a month, so I expected it to be as good as the previous ones – instead there wasn’t much in there that I liked or thought was remotely useful.

By the way, you can sign up for Loot Crate here and you will receive $5 off. The next theme for the Wizarding World box is the Legends & Lore. 

Loot Crate’s description states: “The stories are true… Explore the magical and enchanting history of the wizarding world as we celebrate the dark legends, revered icons, and mystical artifacts that make up its very foundation.” They are accepting orders through March 3rd, so if you’re interested be sure to click the link!

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing, let me know what you think in the comments below and have a magical day!


3 responses to “Wizarding World Unboxing – Secrets of the Wizarding World (November 2017)”

  1. BriennaiJ Avatar

    I wish I had bought this set, all of these things look so cool! Great unboxing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kyera Avatar

      Thanks! They usually do a pretty good job curating this box, so there’s always something pretty cool in them. I am excited because I think next month’s pin will be Ravenclaw’s diadem and I am biased, as a Ravenclaw.

      Liked by 1 person

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