The Knowing – Sharon Cameron

The Knowing (The Forgetting, #2)The Knowing by Sharon Cameron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Knowing is a companion novel to the Forgetting, rather than a strict sequel. Set hundreds of years after the events of the first book, the Knowing took a little time to find it’s pace and delve into the story. At first, I wasn’t entirely entranced by the plot but before long I was drawn in and couldn’t put the book down.

Samara is one of the Knowing, the gifted people of New Canaan who are unable to forget anything. This is a unique premise, but soon the reader realizes that being unable to forget anything is not always a positive. Pain and bad memories can be relived perfectly, so forgiveness and healing are not entirely possible. On a positive side, someone could read non-fiction books and never forget their contents.

She is an interesting character and it was nice to see the plot from both her and Beck’s points of view. As she is one of the Knowing, that identity and ability influenced everything she did in the book and how she reacted to situations – whereas Beck is from Earth and found himself in a completely foreign (yet fascinating) situation when he landed on the planet in search of the Lost City of Canaan. I enjoyed both of their portrayals, although I think I enjoyed Beck a little bit more as a character.

Going into the book, I didn’t realize that it was set hundreds of years in the future of the Forgetting. It was a slight adjustment to get used to an entirely new word and way of thinking (the Forgetting versus the Knowing) and the pacing did not help. The first time I started the book, I put it down after a few chapters and decided to read other books. Once it got a few more chapters into the story, it was much more engaging and I really enjoyed the story.

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  1. Interesting. I always thought it was a sequel and not a companion. I can imagine how hard it would be to readjust 100s of years after what you previously read. That would totally throw me off, for sure. You summed it up great, though, Kyera, and another wonderful review!! 😉

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