Wonder Woman: Warbringer – Leigh Bardugo

Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons, #1)

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

by Leigh Bardugo

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Leigh Bardugo takes the fierce heroine you know and love – and makes her human. Warbringer is an origin story, taking Diana back to her roots and showing readers the less sure side of the Amazonian Princess. Yes, Diana is strong, loyal, honest and hard-working but she is also prideful, ambitious and unsure. She hasn’t yet made a name for herself in the world of man and isn’t sure what she is capable of.

This story focuses on the relationship between Diana and Alia, a New Yorker who finds herself on the island of Themiscyra, rather than the romance most readers have come to expect. Sorry Steve, but this story is all about girl power and friendship. The two girls learn from each other and what it means to have a sister.

“Sister in battle,” murmured Diana, “I am shield and blade to you.”
“And friend.”
“And always your friend.”

I really enjoyed the characters in this book and the diversity that Leigh effortlessly brought to the story. Each character is able to shine without seeming like they were only an addition to hit some invisible quotient. Alia and her brother Jason are New Yorkers, but they’re also Greek and African American. Jason’s best friend, Theo is Brazilian and a total technogeek. Nim is self-described as Indian, fat and gay, and while none of those things define her or are the most important aspects of her (obviously that award goes to her killer fashion sense) they are very important additions. The characters represent our diverse world today and give each one of us someone or something to relate to.

I have always loved Wonder Woman, so as long as Leigh Bardugo’s story felt like the character I’ve grown to know and love – I was going to be happy, but she managed to raise the bar. She brought me a tale of the Diana that I didn’t even know that I wanted, her true origin story and took her readers on a journey with Diana as she learned what it meant to be a true hero, an Amazon.

This book isn’t just for fans of superheroes, but those looking for a tale of friendship, maybe a little betrayal and some pure gold lines coming from the Amazonian Princess Queen of comebacks.

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9 responses to “Wonder Woman: Warbringer – Leigh Bardugo”

  1. Wonderful review, Kyera! 😀 I will admit that I did have some struggles with it, but you put the amazing things into brilliant words here. I did love the diversity aspects that you mentioned in details, and she definitely raised the bar with how Diana was portrayed. Wonderful job! 😀

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      • Yes! I love Batman (well more Batgirl but she doesn’t get the love as much) so I’m excited to see his story. I definitely agree about the side characters though, I’m going to be honest… I wasn’t sad about the deaths because I didn’t really connect with them? But Diana was a queen and made the book for me.


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