Winter – Marissa Meyer (ReRead)

Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)Winter by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Winter is the final book in the Lunar Chronicles series (although the story does continue in graphic novel form.) It is definitely one of my favourite conclusions, as the story wraps up well and is satisfying. The reader is not left with myriad plot holes and questions. As this is the fourth book in the series, you need to read the first three before delving into this one otherwise you will be confused and majorly spoiled.

The world building continued even in this book and most importantly we were shown Luna. Before that, they story took place predominantly on Earth in either the European Union, the African Republic or the Eastern Commonwealth. Once transported to Luna, readers were better able to get a sense of the disparity between the Lunar Aristocracy and the rest of Luna’s citizens. The palace and surrounding area of Artemisia are ornately decorated whereas the outer sectors live in squalor. The stunning contrast is reminiscent of our own world and gives us a glimpse into the change that needs to happen.

Although this story was supposed to delve deeper into Winter and Jacin’s relationship (which it did) I felt that it was overshadowed by the overarching plot. It was really nice to see the two interact and Jacin’s character be developed more. He can seem cold and removed most of the time, but his demeanor completely changes when he is around Winter. He cares about her so much and will do anything to ensure her well-being. My one criticism about the book is that these two didn’t receive the same relationship development and story time as the other three pairings.

You fall in love with these characters and follow them on their journey from mechanic to revolutionary, criminal to captain, or even unsure to (mildly) confident. They feel real and make their way into your heart. Iko was her usual precious self and I was so happy to see her woven more into the story. You don’t want to see their stories end and thankfully they don’t because the author is continuing the series in graphic novel form.

I would highly recommend this series to young adult/teen readers even if science fiction or fairytale retellings aren’t usually your thing. They’re so fantastically written that I think they appeal to broad range of readers and genres.

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12 responses to “Winter – Marissa Meyer (ReRead)”

  1. Brilliantttttttttttttttttttttttttt review, Kyera! ❤ It was fantastic. I do super agree that poor Jacin and Winter's relationship was overshadowed. There was so much going on that I was like, get back to Wolflet and Cresswell that I couldn't handle all the feels with them. Winter was just amazing, though. (Spoilers: I kind of miss her craziness now D:) Wonderful job, Kyera! ❤

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    • I listened to the audiobook and at the end they had sort of an interview between the narrator and Marissa Meyer. She mentioned that it was supposed to be five books originally, so I can see how not doing that last book would’ve taken away from the time that she could’ve given to Winter Soldier. It’s tough to say if they are my least favorite pairing just because I love the other ones so much or maybe because they didn’t get as much time to grow on you.

      Now I feel like I need to reread Wires and Nerve. Agh. I wish the second one was coming out sooner. I was looking through all the audiobooks that my library has and nothing was jumping out to me as what I wanted to read next. It was a total book hangover.

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      • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That really would make a lot more sense. A lot more could have been dedicated to it. But I agree with that. I think had there been a fifth book, I think I would have enjoyed them a bit more because it did feel a bit rushed (their relationship) for that reason. But very interesting.

        And lol, I know. It just wants you to complete it again. Is it supposed to come out in hte beginning of next year at least? But oh no. D: I don’t know of any good ones to recommend even to knock you out of the hangover from them because thye are the best. XD

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