Rainbow Book Tag

Shanah from Bionic Book Worm did this tag (sort of) and it was just so pretty that I had to copy her. There were some colours that I had so many options for that it was a struggle to pick one, while others had maybe one good option. I’ve always loved the bright, vibrant covers of Rick Riordan’s books and I definitely could have selected them for most of the rainbow, but I tried to be more diverse than that. Without further ado, here’s my bookish rainbow!


When I saw the U.K. cover of the City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, I just knew that I had to get it (and eventually the other five). I talk about this series all the time on my blog, but if you somehow missed it – you can read my (re-read) review here.


Renee Ahdieh’s gorgeous writing goes perfectly with this cover, don’t you think? When I saw the covers of the two books, I just knew that I needed to own them. You can read my review about this Arabian Nights retelling here.


All of the covers of Rick Riordan’s books are so vibrant and gorgeous, but man the orange glow on this book is entrancing. The Hidden Oracle follows Apollo’s journey to regain his god-hood in typical hilarious form and you can check out my review here.


Oh, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – how confused you make me.. did I like you? Did I not like you? Do I even consider you part of canon? Either way, it was pretty much the only true yellow book that I had displayed on my shelf. We need more yellow books guys!


Pulling these books off my shelf just reminds me that there are other books coming out in the series that I still have to wait for. Why?


Oh hey, another SJM book – but they have beautiful vibrant covers so how could I not pick it? As this is a sequel in a series, I would recommend reading my A Court of Thorns and Roses (re-read) review here first before reading my review for this book here.


I had to steal Shanah’s answer for this because I couldn’t find a single other real purple coloured book on my shelf. This epic time-travelling adventure is so much fun and has a really gorgeous cover. You can read my review here, but as it is a sequel I would recommend reading my Passenger review here first.


This picture makes the cover look like a pale pink, but I promise that it is white. This is such a cute contemporary series about family and love.


Guys, is One Dark Throne out yet? Because I would like to read it now, pretty please. Why must I wait?


Which books would you have selected for each colour? And more importantly to me, what pretty yellow YA books are out there because I legit need more books that are my favourite colour and I’m disappointed in myself. Let me know in the comments below!






8 responses to “Rainbow Book Tag”

  1. bookchantedblog Avatar

    Omg I love this tag and love the books you chose! I totally plan on doing this, but I’ve gone to india for my vacations, so as soon as I get back, this will be something I’d want to do! Great choices!!

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    1. kyera Avatar

      That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see which books you choose!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hell0chloe Avatar

    Wow, this is such a good idea! Great book choices.

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  3. bookprincessreviews Avatar

    There are rarely any yellow covers, I’m discovering from Bingo. Was Female of the Species your choice for Bingo? Because I keep seeing that when I go to the library. And the Summer Days anthology. I saw something else the other day…Althea and Oliver? That sounds familiar, and I think it was yellow. But your rainbow was quite beautiful, Kyera! 🙂

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    1. kyera Avatar

      I read… Kill All Happies by Rachel Cohn for yellow and wasn’t impressed. Totally judged a book by its yellow cover. But I’ll have to read Female of the Species, I hear about it a lot. I was tempted to make a library book rainbow because I have Sailor Moon, Saints and Misfits, Frog Kisser, Our Dark Duet and Daughter of the Burning City – so they’re practically a rainbow!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. bookprincessreviews Avatar

        Ahhhhhh yes, now I remember. But yes! I heard a lot of good things about that one as well. But lol, omg, yes! They would have totally have made a cool little rainbow. XD

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