Library Sale Book Haul

On Monday I went to my local library and noticed that they had a ton of books on the shelves that were for sale. I love going to book sales at libraries because they usually have such a diverse collection of books and all at super cheap prices. I mean $1 for a hardcover book, $0.50 for a paperback, $0.25 for children’s books and a possible video game, movie, or CD find? Yes, please! I spent $3.75, including tax, and got a few cool books.

The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Walled City by Ryan Graudin

The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin

I’ve been collecting older, leather bound books or books with ornately decorated spines for a number of years and thought these two were so pretty!

Plus, I found a PS2 copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so I’m definitely going to have fun playing that. I mean, you can’t beat $1!


That’s it for my library haul for today, but I definitely want to check out some other libraries that are close to my house and see if they have any sales going on. Now that I’m home I can’t wait to find more books to fill my (future) shelves. What’s the best book you’ve found at a library sale or even a yard sale? Let me know in the comments below! You never know what new favourites you might find!

11 responses to “Library Sale Book Haul”

  1. :O :O :O That is a fantastic deal! :O Super excited to see your thoughts on The Walled City + The Selection since I’ve always debated starting them. And I mean, you literally can’t beat those deals. I’ve hit a few, but I always tend to walk away with not much. XD I think the coolest thing I found was this random movie novelization of Anastasia that I’m pretty sure was from when it came out but I fangirled too hard because it had pictures (yes, I’m a full grown child). Definitely hope you have some more luck in the future! ❤

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    • Oh my gosh Anastasia! I was going through the books that were sent to me in Guyana for the library and found a Hunchback of Notre Dame novelization!

      I’ve read the Selection before so you are welcome to question me. What’s making you pause? I’m also super excited to read The Walled City. I have a few books I have to get to first, but I think I want to read it soon.

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      • OMG. That’s amazing. I feel like we missed out as a child, because I swear I never had any as a child. XD Those would have been the best.

        And I’ve heard so many varying reviews on it (although I feel like maybe I have read your review in the past now o.o). I have people say that they loved/hated it and no in between. XD Is it a bit like a soap opera? And ooooh yayyy!

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      • I read it to years ago I think so I might not have even written a review. For me the best correlation for it is the show the bachelor. My mom watches it so I feel like I sort of have an idea about what it’s about but that’s what it reminded me of. Essentially one guy has to narrow down a selection of girls to find out who he wants to marry. I recommended it to my friend Haley and she loved it, but she also watches the show… I personally enjoyed it.

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      • Okay, you have redeemed it a bit for me. If you enjoyed, I have a better chance of liking it. I’ve never done The Bachelor, but it would probably be a good reference point. I’ll have to try it then. 😀

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