Amina’s Voice – Hena Khan

Amina's Voice
Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Amina’s Voice is a powerful middle-grade novel that I believe is so important for young readers to experience. Amina is a Pakistani-American, so we are given a wonderfully diverse, young voice to understand her world and it is so important in the current world climate. We, as a people, need to foster a sense of understanding and acceptance rather than fear and hate.

One of the events that happen in the books is heartbreaking and you wonder how people could behave in that manner. Unfortunately, these things happen in the real world and it’s dismaying to see people treat other fellow human beings in a less than honourable and respectful manner. It was so wonderful to see the community come together after the event, no matter their race or religion to help their neighbors. It is a ray of light in the darkness.

This short book follows Amina’s life from her sixth-grade classes and middle school friends to her time at the Mosque with her Muslim friends and family. The tale is honest and heartwarming, allowing us into her mind and connecting with her family. Although it is a short tale, it is no less important to read. I would highly recommend it to middle-grade readers (and really anyone else who is open to middle-grade fiction) because it is such a powerful and important read.

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