Golden Son – Pierce Brown

Golden Son
Golden Son by Pierce Brown

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Golden Son takes place more than a year after Red Rising. Darrow has left the Academy, formed bonds with new people and has a new role in society. It was a little confusing to be thrown into the story with all those new elements because it made me feel like I had missed a book. I had to keep piecing together what happened and who these new characters were. Once it became more natural, the book was much more enjoyable to read.

The second book has just as much (if not more) deception, death, and destruction as the first, and that’s saying something. It is full of action, betrayal, hope, and horror that leaves you on the edge of your seat and tears your emotions apart as you read the final pages – you just need to immediately start the finale. Highly recommended, but read Red Rising prior to this as it would make absolutely no sense without it.
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