This Adventure Ends – Emma Mills

This Adventure Ends
This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This Adventure Ends started off by speaking to my little sarcastic, witty heart and introducing us to a funny, female character. It’s crazy, but yes girls can be funny. The humorous person in your novel does not have to be a guy. It is your classic high school story where a new girl moves to town and makes friends – but of course, the friends all have drama and secrets.
Sloane is also a singer and loves to read, so basically, this is starting to sound like my life. I joke, sort of, but she is a relatively normal, relatable high school girl. It really made me miss taking voice lessons even though they’re not expressly featured in the book. A lot of the events are more just telling the reader that it happened, than showing them what happened.
I’m sure most readers can relate to this line in the book:
“He looks at me for a moment and then says, ‘Maybe I’ll just watch the movie.’
‘Those are fighting words,’ I say.”
It just speaks to how relatable the author makes the book, from fanfics and fandom to high school sports and friends. This book gives you feels and might even cause a tear of joy. All of the effort that Sloane goes through, the love that Vera and Gabe have for their mother, just comes together in one poignant moment and it’s beautiful.
The friendships are authentic, from their ups and downs to the simple fun they have together. The characters are likable and relatable – and although there’s some typical, adorable teen romantic cuteness, it fits in the story and I approve.
Recommended to teen/young adult readers who enjoy cheery contemporary novels about family, friendship and high school.

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