Something in Between – Melissa de la Cruz

Something in BetweenSomething in Between by Melissa de la Cruz

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Something in Between is a timely novel that is so relevant to the political environment in our country today and a must read. Jasmine’s life is turned upside down when she realizes that she and her family are in America, illegally. Her whole life she thought that they had green cards. She worked hard, was top in her class and ran herself ragged to be the best and to do everything from class president to cheer captain. It all seemed to pay off when she received a scholarship that would allow her to attend any college in the US, until her parents informed her that she wouldn’t be able to accept. Couldn’t accept, because she was an illegal immigrant.

Life turned upside down, Jasmine must figure out what to do and how to come to terms with her changed identity. Then Jas falls for the son of a politician who is spearheading the fights against undocumented workers. How will she reconcile her new self-identity in the world she lives in? Will she and her family be able to stay in America – will they be forced to move back to the Philippines, a country her brothers have never known. And, will all of her hard work be for naught because she cannot find a way to attend college? Find out in this young adult/teen contemporary fiction novel about family, friends and growing up.

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