Razor’s Edge – Martha Wells

Razor's Edge Razor’s Edge by Martha Wells
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Razor’s Edge is one of the books in a trilogy about our favourite characters. It focuses on Princess Leia Organa. This book takes place after the battle of Yavin, but before the next movie in the series. Leia is on a resistance mission with Han when they’re attacked and must flee. There are only little cameos from Luke R2, Chewie and C3PO. I do wish we had seen more from Luke, because the books with Jedis (from my experience reading Star Wars books thus far) are more interesting. I understand why they wouldn’t feature him, as the book is about Leia but Han was heavily included.

It was nice to get small glimpses into Leia’s character and it made her more human. She’s tough and willing to do what needs to be dome. Most people underestimate her because she’s a princess, much to their realized dismay.

The author assumes you are well-versed in the Star Wars universe. A casual fan will have no trouble following the story, but may not be able to imagine everything. Non-human beings are named but not always vividly described. Sometimes systems or locales are mentioned without further detail. For the benefit of a more casual reader and world building, it would have been nice if more details were provided.

Overall the story was enjoyable and a fitting addition to the universe, even if it isn’t canon anymore. Recommended to any Star Wars fans as well as those that enjoy science fiction or adventure. Suggested that you rewatch the originals, at least 4 and 5 before reading this book.

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