Smash & Grab – Amy Christine Parker

Smash & Grab Smash & Grab by Amy Christine Parker
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Smash & Grab isn’t a unique premise – “Uptown girl – She’s been living in her uptown world”. It’s a theme that runs through many books. Clearly, Lexi is bored, rich and looking or an adrenaline rush. The moment the book switched to the perspective of the poor, smart “backstreet guy” or “downtown man” – you knew that there was going to be a romance or chemistry between the two. Despite the unsurprising connection between the two main characters, the book was quite enjoyable.

Lexi was not a vapid, rich girl but had a depth to her character. She goes through trials and doesn’t just say, “oh woe is me” but actively attempts to remedy things. Yes, her dad might be guilty but he is not alone in his guilt nor was he the mastermind of the scheme. Lexi suspects her father’s boss and is determined to do whatever she can to prove his guilt. This plan leads her to cross paths a number of times with a mysterious boy, our other narrator.

Christian is a bank robber. He and his crew, his cousin and a few other neighborhood guys, do jobs for the local Mexican gang. But if Christian had his way, he wouldn’t be involved in any of that. He’s smart, he loves to read and he wants to go to college. But his family was threatened and that’s more important to him. That’s how he gets forced into a job that will target the very bank that Lexi is attempting to infiltrate. The one her father used to work at. The one she conned her way into getting an internship at.

The two don’t trust each other but know that in order to succeed they must work together. This is certainly a fun, easy summer read. Do not expect a literary classic, but it’s definitely enjoyable. The story has good pacing overall, although the end was a little rushed. I recommend checking out this fun, enjoyable read – especially if you want to find out what happens.

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