The Eye of Minds – James Dashner

The Eye of Minds The Eye of Minds by James Dashner
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

As technology advances and virtual reality becomes a standard in gaming – the storyline of Eye of Minds becomes more possible. All you have to do is lay down, let these wires invade your body and the virtual becomes your reality. It simulates pain, hunger and all other aspects of daily life. You can play games similar to Call of Duty by running around and pulling the trigger yourself rather than mashing controller buttons. You can spend real world money to upgrade your games or yourself. Whether your virtual self actually resembles you or not is a matter of personal preference.

We meet Michael, Sarah, and Brycen in the VirtNet. They are best friends even though they have never met before in “the wake” or real life. The three get drafted by the VNS, VirtNet Security, to find a dangerous man called Kane who has been destroying people’ virtual and waking lives.

Their coding abilities and determination are put to the test in a series of trials. They don’t make it out unscathed and their lives are changed forever. A must read if you’re a fan of the author, books involving technology or action, or just YA novels in general. I definitely recommend it and can’t wait to finish the series.

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