The It Girl (Series) – Cecily von Zeigsar

The It Girl The It Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The It Girl series follows Gossip Girl character, Jenny Humphries at her new boarding school, Waverly. The sophomore must navigate an entirely new set of social rules in her attempt to become New Jenny – an it-girl. But life at Waverly isn’t always what Jenny dreamed for herself and sometimes it’s so much better.

Overall, the book is enjoyable in a simple, YA, guilty read way. It’s not going to win any literary awards, but if you enjoy books about privileged kids, boarding schools or volatile relationship dynamics you will like this read. Although it is fiction, sometimes I am astounded by the level of debauchery surrounding these students.

The first book, It Girl, introduces us to the large cast of characters. New girl, Jenny, who is looking to reinvent herself. Junior class prefect, Brett, who seems to have it all together. Privileged princess, Callie, who thinks appearances are everything. True it-girl, Tinsley, who is the puppet-master of Waverly. As well as all their girlfriends and the rotating batch of potential boyfriends.

School seems perfect – the guy she has her eye on seems to be crushing back, her roommates seem great and she’s been invited to join the advanced art class. What could go wrong? Tinsley returns to school and is none too happy about the new girl in her bed.

The subsequent books deal with romance, break-ups and make-ups, cheating, affairs, disciplinary hearings, arson, exploring sexuality and everything else you might expect to see in some crazy reality television program. It is a bit unbelievable at times – but that’s why its fiction.

One criticism I have for the book is that the author at times will neglect to explain events. (This seems to happen at the end of every book.) The book will end on a type of cliffhanger then the next section will just say – oh x happened. For example, a student breaks the rules and returns to campus to see an angry Dean. The next book is months later, the student was kicked out and sent to some remote location, maybe the Dean has also been replaced – and NOTHING is explained. How did it happen? What was said? Why did this occur? Where did y go? What has this affected in the last two weeks, two days, or two months since we last saw the characters? Bombshells and resolutions are very abrupt without giving the reader any information, time to absorb them, or substantial satisfaction.

There are also continuity errors like: a girl loses a promise ring, in the snow, with another guy. Later in the book it says, “when Callie handed him back the promise ring he’d given her.” Uh no. Please, at the very least keep your facts accurate. Later in the same book, the author writes, “and she’d lost the promise ring he’d given her.” So we’ve changed our minds about what happened again?

As long as you don’t expect a life-changing book, you’ll enjoy this series.

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