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  • Fantasy – Top 5 Tuesday

    Fantasy – Top 5 Tuesday

    Fantasy is hands down my favourite genre, so this list is kind of a repeat of my top 10 favourites from a few weeks ago – but I hope you still enjoy! And please let me know if you have any favourites that are similar to these that I need to read! Top 5 Tuesday is…

  • Main Males – Top 5 Tuesday

    Main Males – Top 5 Tuesday

    Am I the only person that knows the answer to this, yet when I have to sit down and think about it… my mind draws a blank after like 3? Also, if I didn’t have to go strictly book characters, my list would be a little different. I’ll post some extras at the bottom. Top…

  • All Time Favourites – Top 5 (10!) Tuesday

    All Time Favourites – Top 5 (10!) Tuesday

    Wait… so I have to go back in my head and try to remember what my favourite books (or series) of all time are? First, my third grade teacher said my reading level was too high to read the books that all my classmates were reading… so no Magic Tree House or Beverly Cleary books…