Bookish Box Unboxing – Crescent Moons & Songs of Starlight

I was distracted by the title... Crescent Moons & Songs of Starlight I love this series and I heard that the box was coming with exclusive covers for the three books in the series (not Frost and Starlight), so I really wanted to see them. Moon and Star Necklace Love. Wear it all the time.… Continue reading Bookish Box Unboxing – Crescent Moons & Songs of Starlight

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Meet Olly

If you read any of my recent Weekly Wrap Up posts, you might have guessed why I have been a little MIA the last two-ish weeks. I got a brand new puppy and his name is Olly. So I want to introduce you to him. He is 10 weeks old now, so I've had him… Continue reading Meet Olly

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Weekly Wrap Up: October 26 – November 1

Did you guys do anything fun for Halloween? My night wasn't crazy, but I had fun putting out my pumpkin, making a vampire quesadilla, and wearing my Stitch onesie (as my pseudo costume). The only sad part was all my Halloween decorations were covered in snow.... sorry graveyard, no one got to see you. Side… Continue reading Weekly Wrap Up: October 26 – November 1


Owlcrate Unboxing – A Glorious Haunting (September 2020)

What better time to get a theme called a glorious haunting than in the fall and share it with you just before Halloween? A Glorious Haunting Nevermore Throw Blanket It's so cool that the text covering the blanket is the entirety of the Raven! Sleepy Hollow - Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm I haven't opened it… Continue reading Owlcrate Unboxing – A Glorious Haunting (September 2020)

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Halloween Question Tag

I stole this from CJR the Brit's blog, so be sure to check out their answers! "If someone was doing a spell to summon you, what 3 ingredients/objects would they need to summon you? Books, obviously.Potatoes, mashed.A dog, fluffy. What would people need to summon you? Let me know in the comments!

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The Bookish Snob Tag

I was tagged by Hundreds and Thousands of Books and you should check out their answers! FORMAT SNOB You can only choose 1 format in which to read books for the rest of your life. Which one do you choose: physical books, eBooks, or audiobooks? With my current job, I don't know if I could survive… Continue reading The Bookish Snob Tag

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Ink and Wonder Unboxing – Mythical Menagerie

I was going through my photos and trying to organize everything that I have taken for unboxing posts/social media when I stumbled upon these photos. I'm pretty sure I never shared this with you guys, so I hope you enjoy! Mythical Menagerie Niffler and Mandrake Enamel Pins Wooden Bookmarks Mermaid Keychain Silk Scarf Animal Stickers… Continue reading Ink and Wonder Unboxing – Mythical Menagerie

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Critical Role – Vox Machina

Critical Role – Vox Machina: Origins by Matthew MercerMy rating: 5 of 5 starsAs much as I love the idea of Dungeons and Dragons, I have never watched an episode of Critical Role before. It was just such a daunting prospect to undertake, hundreds of hours of storytelling, drama, and video to commit yourself to,… Continue reading Critical Role – Vox Machina

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Past, Present, and Future Tag

This tag was created by Bookish Pisces - but her site doesn't exist anymore. I was tagged by Reading Parental. Rules: Find a book published 10 (or more) years agoFind a book that will be published THIS year.Find a book that will be published next year (or further in the future)Tag 3 people These should all be… Continue reading Past, Present, and Future Tag