Fairyloot Unboxing – Monsters Within (January 2022)

This is a pretty spooky theme for January, but I am on board! Any ideas what the book might be?

Monsters Within

These Hollow Vows Tea Towel

I just finished reading this book and loved it, so yay!

James Herondale Trinket Dish

This looks so much like the Addie LaRue one they did a few months ago – but I think I want to give my friend this because she’s just starting her bookish collection and loves Shadowhunters.

Aaron Metal Bookmark

Not sure who Aaron is (other than a book character) but I think enamel metal bookmarks are a pretty cool idea.

Scythe Enamel Pin

This is a pretty coo design and I am definitely adding it to my bookish pin board. I finally put my pins together so I’m curious if anyone in interested in me taking a picture of them and sharing?

Monsters of Verity Puzzle

A lot of book boxes make puzzles and I’ve actually never opened any of mine. They just are so tiny I wonder if someone would appreciate them more than me – I usually work on a bigger, more complex puzzle with my mom and Alex if we ever puzzle. This is probably too small to be a ‘group project’ haha.

Tarot Cards Divider

Red Rising Tarot Cards

The art style has totally changed, but it gives me classical Greco-Roman vibes which sort of fits this series.

The Book Divider

Only A Monster by Vanessa Len

Super pretty embossed cover, sprayed edges, and that cover – so gorgeous!

Author Signature, Art Print, and Jacket Art

Spoiler card divider
Unboxing divider

My favourite item this month? The book, 100%.

Do you have a favourite item? Have you ever subscribed to Fairyloot before? Let me know in the comments below!


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