Owlcrate Unboxing – Dreaming in the Dark (November 2021)

I like dreaming and darkness, plus the theme art is a super pretty celestial mix of stars and planets.

Dreaming in the Dark

Strange the Dreamer Washi Tape

I’m a big fan of washi tape but this one is so pretty I’ll feel guilty using it! (I’m still going to use it though.)

A Court of Thorns and Roses Pillowcase

I just painted one wall of my room deep blue and added stars, constellations, and a moon to bring in more celestial vibes – so ACOTAR and this quote fit perfectly, it is the first pillowcase (bed, not throw size) I’ve received that I am so excited to use in my room!

Black London Book

These books are so cool and now I have the whole set, but they’re metal and much shorter than normal books so they can’t really masquerade as fake books on a shelf. I’m torn because making an Shades of Magic shelf with these or just selling the set.

Dreamwalker Lipbalm

This one says it smells like sangria and it is inspired by the Bone Season.

Reading Planner

I’m excited to see what this looks like when it arrives, but for now we must wait.

Monthly Enamel Pin

Mysterious door in a mountain… would you go in?

The Book

Dreams Lie Beneath by Rebecca Ross
(Owlcrate Exclusive)

Pretty cover, even prettier embossed cover – I feel like I need a shelf of gorgeous naked books on my shelf. That is super weird to say, but as book lovers I think you know what I mean.

Spoiler Card

I love that they include playlists now and I add them every month, they’re a cool and unique addition to the box.

Next month’s theme: Beneath the Waves


I love everything in this box, but the pillowcase is going to immediately be used.

Do you have a favourite item in the box? Let me know in the comments!


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