Litjoy Crate Unboxing – Magical Classes

This quarterly box theme is magical classes so let’s see which classes they pick and how cute some of these items are!

Magical Classes

Adorably Illustrated Box

Look how cute this art is!

The bookish goodies:

The Grim Tea Cup – Divination Class

I’ve never gotten a divination tea cup, so this is super cute and I love the grim at the bottom.

Monster Book of Monsters – Care of Magical Creatures Class

Look how stinkin’ cute this book is and you can store things in it. Super soft too!

Cat Shopping Bag – Transfiguration Class

Sorry for how wrinkly this is, but the bag shows how to transfigure a cat into a bag and on the opposing side is the illustration of a cat, then you can squish and store it in that little cat face.

Salt & Pepper Shakers – Potions Class

These are super cute as potion display bottles (I put a ton of potions and candles out for Halloween), but they also come with little black rubber stoppers with holes in them so you can use them as proper salt and pepper shakers.

Wingardium Leviosa Spell Coin – Charms Class

This spell coin is one of the new collectible items they have, so I’m hoping at some point they’ll make a nice foam backed frame (or something similar) that you can put your coins into to display them on the wall. Have any of you collected bookish coins and done something cool with them? Let me know!

Mandrake Plant Pot – Herbology Class

This was supposed to also come with a pot for the Mandrake to sit in but they only sent them out with some of the boxes (supply issues) and they were supposed to send out the rest (“The 2nd part will ship out separately when we receive the replacement in a few months.”) but it’s been a few months and I haven’t received one yet so unfortunately you get the picture without the other half of the pot.

Unforgivable Curses Magnets – Defense Against The Dark Arts Class

These kind of look like they’d be pins or bookmarks, but they’re actually magnets!

Luna, Lockhart, Trelawny, etc Photo Strip

I love this art. I need to find a special frame to display these photo strips in my library!

This Hogwarts schedule serves as the spoiler “card” to give you all the details about the included items!


This pretty box totally fits the Magical Classes theme and each item had me so excited (except maybe the cat bag, not sure I’d use it) – but the little salt and pepper potion bottles were hands down my favourite.

Do you have a favourite item? Have you ever subscribed to Litjoy Crate before? Let me know in the comments below!


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