Owlcrate Unboxing – From Olympus with Love (January 2021)

Another theme that speaks to my soul? Yes, please. You guys know how much I love mythology – so let’s dive in!

Image result for owlcrate from olympus with love

From Olympus with Love

Nectar of the Gods Tea by Riddle’s Tea Shoppe

A tea that sounds delicious and doesn’t have chocolate in it? I am unbelievably excited to try this – let me know if you want my feedback later!

Wooden Bookmark Inspired by Circe/The Song of Achilles by In the Reads

I like the darker side of the bookmark a lot, it’s so pretty.

Olive Branches Pin Banner by Michelle Gray

This is so pretty and I’m excited to put some pins on it.

Medusa Shield Enamel Pin by Icey Designs

This pin is amazing! The gold, the black, the greek key pattern, the quote… I’m in love.

Lunar Calendar Tapestry by Eden Cooke

I have a metal moon phases wall hanging over my bed and I put moon/star scrapbook paper behind the glass of the cabinet in my room (it looks better than it sounds), so this fits the celestial theme and now I need to figure out where to hang it (and how)!

Hermes Felt Letter Board Kit with Zipper Pouch by Team Owlcrate

Letter boards are so fun and I’m excited to use this one. I will say that I’m not looking forward to cleaning off the plastic bits from the letters (as you can see from my photo). But once that is done, I may use this in future posts!

The Book

Lore by Alexandra Bracken
(Owlcrate Exclusive)

I’ve been waiting to read this book for a while, so hello fancy book!

Spoiler Card

I love that they include playlists now and I add them every month, they’re a cool and unique addition to the box.

Next month’s theme: Magic Unleashed


Gorgeous. That is all.

Do you have a favourite item in the box? Don’t make me choose. Book? Pin banner? Pin? Tapestry? Letter board? Ughh, this box was so amazing! Let me know your favorite in the comments!


One response to “Owlcrate Unboxing – From Olympus with Love (January 2021)”

  1. CJR The Brit Avatar

    Great unboxing! I got Lore in a book box and am going to read in March.

    Liked by 1 person

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