Owlcrate Unboxing – Winter Wishes (Special Crate)

The art for these boxes – it is just so pretty! I created a YA for Adults Book Club at my library and my pick for February is A Universe of Wishes, so I’m excited to dive in!

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Winter Wishes

Spinning Silver Inspired Mug

This mug is one of my favourite colors and I love the short campfire style, can’t wait to use it!

Waking From A Thaw – Wintersong Inspired Tea

I was excited because I saw tea, instead of coffee or hot chocolate. Winter mint sounds delicious, but then I see cocoa nibs and chocolate mint flavor which makes me sad. Why do they always put chocolate in their tea flavors?

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue Inspired Gel Eye Mask

I was all excited to try this, so I put it in the fridge and I keep forgetting to grab it and use it… so I can say it’s pretty but I have no idea if it feels nice or is functional.

Bookish Gift Bag Set

I love the design on these as well, they’re gift bags but you could definitely use them to carry things around like pens or cables. They’re too nice to just be a throwaway gift bag!

Stainless Steel Coffee/Tea Spoon

You can’t really see from the picture, but it has a clip on it so you can clip it on your coffee or tea bag and keep it closed. I don’t drink coffee, so I’ll have to get some loose leaf tea in a bag to try this.

Cold as Snow, Sharp as Glass Candle

It may not be the prettiest candle I’ve ever received, but it does smell nice (vanilla buttercream, by the way)!

A Universe of Wishes Enamel Pin

I love moons and this is super pretty, so I’m excited to add it to my pin collection.

The Book

A Universe of Wishes Edited By Dhonielle Clayton
(Owlcrate Exclusive)

The cover recoloring doesn’t go with their winter theme, but it’s still pretty.

Spoiler Card

I love that they include playlists now and I add them every month, they’re a cool and unique addition to the box.


This box had the perfect wintry vibes (other than the book cover, which I mentioned previously). I’m super happy with everything other than my disappointment over the chocolate tea… again. I think my favourite item would be the mug, I just adore the colour.

Do you have a favourite item in the box? Let me know in the comments!


One response to “Owlcrate Unboxing – Winter Wishes (Special Crate)”

  1. CJR The Brit Avatar

    This is a great box, love the mug!


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