The Shadow Threat by Claudia Gray

The Shadow Threat by Claudia Gray

The Shadow Threat by Claudia Gray

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the Shadow Threat, which takes readers into the world of Krypton as they struggle to recognize that despite all of their advancements – their homeworld is dying and they can’t do anything to save it. This is the Krypton that Kal El (Superman) never got to know, but we do meet his parents as they interact with the main characters Zahn and Sera. While I didn’t necessarily connect strongly with either Zahn or Sera, it was the world-building that I loved. How was Krypton structured? What did it look like? Why did it fall? Krypton felt very heavily inspired by Atlantis, a highly advanced civilization that let pride be its downfall.

I really enjoyed the art in this graphic novel, although it was not as bright and beautiful as the Teen Titan’s entries, I think the art worked brilliantly for this story and it ranked higher than Swamp Thing for me. It was interesting to see the styles that they chose for the Kryptonians and I felt that it really added to the world.

Yes, there were things that I didn’t feel were quite fleshed out enough and might be confusing to readers (for example, the caste/hierarchy system was talked about in a way that you need to be familiar with it previously to understand) – but overall, I thought this was a very enjoyable story that left me intrigued and disappointed that the next one in the series would not be out for a while because I really want to know what happens to Krypton (before the end), Jor-El and Lara (pre-end of Krypton), and this storyline.

Disclosure: Thank you to DC Ink/Warner Bros for sending me a digital and physical copy for review.

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