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Haunted Mansion – Sina Grace

Haunted Mansion by Sina Grace

Haunted Mansion by Sina Grace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love the Haunted Mansion in Disney World, it’s been my favourite ride since I was a little kid. The idea is that it is like a retirement home for spirits to spend the rest of their unlife and there is room for one more spooky guest. This graphic novel follows the newly deceased Sydney as she proves her worth and joins the ghoulish ghosts of the Haunted Mansion. As a former customer service/hotel manager type person – it is her goal to make the Haunted Mansion more efficient, spooky, and put her skills to use.

If you’re familiar with the Haunted Mansion, you’ll love seeing familiar characters from the stretching portraits, the piano, the hallway, the ballroom scene and more. Each little element from the ride feels like a secret that you’ve discovered. The art is also very cute (while still being spooky), colorful, and appealing. I just wish that the story had been as entertaining and engaging and I would have really enjoyed this. I appreciated it more because it was Haunted Mansion and it gave me Disney Parks nostalgia, rather than because the plot itself was interesting.

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