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I was tagged by the lovely Bionic Bookworm for this tag in 2018. Oops. But I promised I would get to it eventually!

How Many Bookshelves Do You Have?

In my library I have three full shelves and one half shelf, I have one full shelf in my bedroom, and then I have lots of books and two shelves in another room but they’re mostly books from school, my childhood, and the extra stuff that I should really purge.

How Many Books Are on Your Bookshelves? Or How Many Books Do You Have?

I have exactly zero idea. More than 500 for sure.

How Do You Organize Your Books?

For the series that I have enough books to have a shelf (or two) dedicated to – they’re by series. So I have two Shadowhunter shelves, two Harry Potter shelves, and a Percy Jackson shelf (with an additional mythology shelf just below it including other Rick Riordan books.) The rest are genrefied (so my 47 shelves of fantasy are then organized by color), plus superheroes, science fiction, contemporary, etc. The ones in my room are all of my other cloth or leather bound books, semi organized by color.

What is the Oldest Book on Your Shelf?

I have many old clothbound books on the shelf in my room, but I don’t actually know which one might be the oldest. The oldest ones are mostly behind the others, so I have no easy way to check them all.

What is the Newest Book on Your Shelf?

I just received two gorgeous editions of Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar this month and I am so happy!

What is the Longest Book on Your Shelf? Queen of Air and Darkness (3) (The Dark Artifices)  (9781442468436): Clare, Cassandra: Books

Off the top of my head, I’m pretty sure Queen of Air and Darkness is the longest book, closely followed by Kingdom of Ash and Winter. There must be others though, but I think they’re mostly books that combine multiple stories in a series into one.

What is the Shortest Book You Own?

According to the internet (which I don’t trust) my original copy of Quidditch Through the Ages is 56 pages. The new hardcover editions are 128-ish and have the exactly same content – so Quidditch is my guess but I can’t be entirely sure.

What is the Predominant Genre on Your Shelf?

Fantasy. No question.

Have You Done a Bookshelf Tour?

No, but I would consider it. Would you guys like to see a tour of my shelves? And if so, would you want it to be a picture heavy blog post or video? Any particular format you like?


I am sitting here at work before I start for the day filling this tag out… so I can’t look at any of my books in person which means I will be skipping this one.

Do You Have Fan Merchandise or Any Other Decorations on Your Bookshelf?

Yes. I usually have some candles on my shelves, some Funko Pops, etc. I had more but I needed the space for actual books so I removed some of my stuff. If I move and have more wallspace for shelves in the future, I will let my collection breathe a little more and add back some of my merch.

Show Us Your Bookshelf!

I fixed up my shelves a little back in March because I had too many books to fit with my merch, but I’ve gotten more since then thanks to Fairyloot, Owlcrate, and Litjoy Crate – so my currently shelves need some reorganization.

I Tag: Everyone who would like to show me their pretty shelves, their bookish merch, or just wants another excuse to talk about their books!






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