BPR Original: Hercules Book Tag

Mandy and Sha have blessed us with another fun Disney-inspired book tag and even though it has taken me a literal age to get around to it – I’m finally tackling their Hercules Book Tag! Be sure to read their responses here.

Zero to Hero – Name a Character That You Didn’t Think Much Of At First But Ended Up a Favorite

Alec Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments. At first he was so mean to Clary and stand-offish that you can’t really get to know (or like him) – but he grows on you over the course of the series.

The Muses – Name Some Characters/Books/Authors That Inspire You

There are so many books out there that make me want to write my own tales, but I’m going to mention the authors that inspire me and that I follow for writing advice mainly: Leigh Bardugo, Susan Dennard, Sabaa Tahir, and V.E. Schwab.

Megara – Name a Character Who Has to Do Morally Complex Things To Save Themselves/Others/World

Hercules – Character That Goes Through a Huge Change

For good, bad, or something else… I would say that Celaena/Aelin goes through a huge change in Throne of Glass.

I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) – Name Your Favorite Romance With the Miscommunication Trope

Bone Crier’s Moon had a version of a miscommunication trope and I really enjoyed how it played out. A case of mistaken identities. Enemies to lovers. A whole mashup of themes and tropes!

Hades – Name a Villain That Stole the Show

No one can steal a show like Hades. But Prince Cardan kind of stole the show from Jude (who is already pretty morally grey) in the Cruel Prince, so I’m going with him.

Go the Distance – A Book World Where You Feel You Would Fit In/Belong

Since I literally just became a librarian, I want to pick a book or series with major library vibes – so Sorcery of Thorns. I’d be a warrior librarian!

Tagging the following Olympians…

Everyone who loves mythology, Disney, or epic sassmasters like Meg and Hades.





2 responses to “BPR Original: Hercules Book Tag”

  1. Joss @ theonewhoreadit Avatar
    Joss @ theonewhoreadit

    This tag is so fun! I agree with you on Alec. I used to not really like him in City of Bones and now I like him so much more. Leigh Bardugo and Sabaa Tahir books are so inspiring! I have yet to pick a V.E. Schwab book but they seem sooo good! And yess I freaking love Cardan. Great post!


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