Snug – Catana Chetwynd (Mini Review)

Snug by Catana Chetwynd

Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating Your Best Friend by Catana Chetwynd

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Snug by Catana Chetwynd is a book that compiles the author/illustrator’s comics about her life with her boyfriend (and best friend.) It was such a cute premise and I wanted to like it (and I did), but it just fell a little flat for me. The comics were enjoyable and the art was simple but cute. I read through it pretty quickly. I usually find a few panels particularly funny or relevant and take pictures to send to my friends or fiancee, but there weren’t too many of these that struck me. In fact, I only sent one which detailed how particularly blind any children I might have would turn out to be (since I have really terrible eyesight.) Since I do feel like I’m dating my best friend, I was hoping for more out of this collection of comics. Maybe you’ll connect to it more than I did.

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