Black Lives Matter

I felt like I needed to make a few things for my library to show our support before I could focus on my personal blog because it’s a more visible brand that probably influences more people in the community than I do – but I wanted to make sure I made a post for my blog as soon as I could. We can’t be silent. It’s important to educate ourselves and be understanding of other’s plights. If you want to learn more, go to: or because both websites are full of resources, information, links, and will do a better job explaining things than I ever could.

I was inspired by some fantastic teen books that have come out since the beginning of this year and decided to post one recommendation per day for the rest of the month. I hope that these own voices novels will inspire you. (I have so many on my TBR right now!)

I wanted to post the graphics that I’ve made so far here on my blog – but as you can see I don’t have enough for the whole month so please share with me some fantastic books you’ve used to educate yourself, support the black community, or would fit with this and you really enjoyed. I would also love to know which books didn’t come out this year but you still feel need to be included.

(Yes, I know Dread Nation didn’t come out this year but I wanted to plug the series since the new book came out this year.)

Although they’re not books you can read per se, I also want to plug the following two ‘journals’… they’re in my cart right now and I’m just debating which one I should get.

Write Yourself a Lantern: A Journal Inspired by The Poet X
Find Your Voice: A Guided Journal for Writing Your Truth

Thank you so much for reading diversely and supporting all people.





8 responses to “Black Lives Matter”

  1. jyvurentropy Avatar

    Since you talk about educating ourselves, educate yourself on the black lives matter movement. They are not just a hashtag. They have a specific political agenda. They are pro-violence anti-cop and anti-capitalist. They have highjacked the deaths of real people to Trojan Horse a leftist agenda.
    They are not a bipartisan group as they should be.
    But make up your own mind. I urge you to heavily research them using both liberal and conservative sources, both mainstream and independent outlets


    1. kyera Avatar

      Thank you for your feedback.


  2. Coffeeeandcream Avatar

    Thank you for sharing these recommendations. It’s so important that we educate ourselves! Another teen/young adult book which I feel deals with this topic in a good way is ‘The Hate U Give’ by Angie Thomas. Have you heard of it?

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    1. kyera Avatar

      Yes, I love the Hate U Give and On The Come Up by Angie Thomas. They were both such powerful books. I was trying to shout out some books that came out this year, but I am tempted to also add some older books that were super impactful. 🙂

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  3. Never Not Reading Avatar

    I didn’t know Dread Nation had a sequel coming out this year. I’ve been seeing You Should See Me in a Crown EVERYWHERE, possibly because it came out last week? It looks totally adorable.


    1. kyera Avatar

      Yeah, the Deathless Divide came out in February! I have it next to my bed, but I’m reading Children of Virtue and Vengeance first.

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