Owlcrate Unboxing – Tales of Trickery (December 2019)

There was a really good variety of interesting items in this box (even things I’ve never seen included before) – so I’m excited to show you!

Image result for tales of trickery owlcrate

Tales of Trickery

Sorcery of Thorns Book Sleeve

Although it’s not a BookBeau, this is so pretty and I cannot wait to use it!

Grace and Fury Candle

This smells delicious and since Grace and Fury is one of the books that I really enjoyed last year, I was excited to receive something inspired by the series.

Owlcrate Coloring Book and Bookish Colored Pencils

This coloring book has really simple pages inspired by all of the enamel pins that Owlcrate have sent in their boxes for 2019 – which is a super cool idea! The colored pencils apparently have sayings on them and I didn’t even notice until I saw other people’s unboxings! So I guess I have to go open the box now.

Sky in the Deep Inspired Hand Warmer

I thought this was an interesting and unique item to include in a box… and I’ve already used it a bunch of times. I wish you didn’t have to boil it to recharge it (maybe just some kinetic energy?) otherwise it would be perfect.

Caraval Inspired Ear Muffs

I can’t imagine myself ever wearing these, as much as I love Caraval because they’re a bit too flashy and busy for my taste – but I love the idea!

Image result for tales of trickery owlcrate
Not my picture

Tales of Trickery Pin

I seem to have lost my picture of the pin or forgotten to take one, so I had to use one from the internet. If I remember, I’ll replace this later with my own but I’m not home right now!

The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White
(Owlcrate Exclusive)

I read this book last month and really enjoyed it, so I’m glad I have this cool alternative cover!

I love the mugs by Cara Kozik so I knew I needed this upcoming box.

I think that the book is my favourite item in this box, following closely by the book sleeve – what’s your favourite item?


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