Fae Crate Unboxing – Wicked Nothings (Mini Hangover Kit)

Fae Crate’s Hangover Crates seem like a fun (and necessary) addition to the book worm’s life. There are just some series that we become so passionate about that we probably need some support when the next (or final) book in the series comes out. I definitely did after reading the Queen of Nothing, so I hope you enjoy!

At the end, I’ll tell you how I felt about it – but I just want you to see the items first.

Wicked Nothings Mini Hangover Recovery Kit

These mini hangover kits are shipped in plastic envelopes, rather than the gorgeous boxes that we’re used to from FaeCrate, so I don’t have any beautiful pictures of the box for you.

Jude Hangover Plush

Jude is super cute, but I’m a little concerned about how low her dress is. I mean really Jude. I always loved the description of her hair, so I would love to attempt a cosplay of her at some point.

Fae Crate Collectable Coin

These are cool, but I still have no idea what we’re supposed to do with them.

Wicked Nothings Enamel Pin

I love pins, so even though its difficult to see what is supposed to be inside the acorn its still pretty.

Book Jacket Designed by @gabriella.bujdoso 

I love specially designed book jackets, because they’re so gorgeous and could easily serve as art prints (if you can find frames the correct size) and this is no exception. I love this print and want to hang it up immediately. Plus I love Gabriella’s art, so I knew I needed this book cover (and I definitely should have sprung for the bigger set with all of the previous book covers because I don’t own them.)

I wanted to love this mini kit so much, and to a point I did.. but I want to be upfront about the cost and why I felt that this set was not worth it. They charged $25.99 for the “box”, which I thought was reasonable because it included art so I thought I would give it a shot – but the shipping was $10. Then they shipped it in a plastic bag, using first class mail which costs $2-4, rather than priority mail which would cost $7-10, is insured, and you can track. So why was I charged so much for the shipping? Once I thought about it, $36 for this kit doesn’t feel so reasonable and I honestly don’t know if I would order a mini kit from them again. It’s just not worth the money.

What was your favourite item? Mine is obviously the book jacket and I’m happy I have it, although I wish it hadn’t cost me so much money (I wonder if they sell them individually later in the store and that would have been a better option for me?) Let me know what you thought and liked best in the comments!


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