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Dear Santa – Top 5 Tuesday

This weeks theme asks me to pick out the top five books that I would really like Santa to get me this year… I recently bought a lot of books because Target had a ‘buy two, get one free’ deal, plus an extra % off with Circle so I went a wee bit crazy. (Anyone want to see that giant book haul?) As a result, there aren’t too many books that I really wanted that I don’t have – but there are still books! So let’s see what make my list this week.

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme that the lovely Bionic Bookworm does. If you are interested in doing any of her topics on your blog she welcomes it! Don’t forget to check out her upcoming topics if youโ€™re interested in participating in future Top 5โ€™s! Be sure to check out her topics here!

Christmas Wishlist:

The Cruel Prince (B&N Exclusive Edition) (Folk of the Air Series #1)

The Cruel Prince – and – The Wicked King by Holly Black
Barnes and Noble Exclusive Editions

I purchased the signed edition of the Queen of Nothing on Black Friday and I love having special editions of books, so now I would love to receive the first two in this series.

Image result for the toll"

The Toll by Neal Shusterman

I actually think I only own the second book in this series? So I guess Scythe as well, but I really enjoyed this series (so far) and would love to complete my set.

Image result for chain of gold litjoy"

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare
LitJoy Exclusive Edition

I am a special edition junkie, so I would love to have this version as well! I need to know, is Waterstones making a special edition, too? Because I have all of the others. I need more bookshelves.

Image result for ikea billy bookcase"

Billy Bookcase from Ikea

I know it’s not a book, but I need another one of these if I’m going to have a space for all of my new books (and recent acquisitions.)

What books would you love to see under the tree this holiday season? Or however you celebrate the holidays, with a menorah, cornucopia, or something else. Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Dear Santa – Top 5 Tuesday”

    1. I actually grabbed a cart from Michaels for $20 (lots of people have them on Instagram, either for planner stuff or their tbr) and itโ€™s the current home for all of my extra books so theyโ€™re safe!


    1. I have a couch in my library that my dad let me have when he was getting rid of his set, but it’s like… typical guy, black leather two seat recliner couch and just not where I enjoy reading. So I was thinking that I would put my chair (it’s apparently a chair and a half) where that is and then I have an open wall in my library that can fit more bookshelves – perfect! (I also have a giant bean bag chair that my dad bought me last year for christamas, which is like 5 or 6 feet wide apparently, but still vacuum packed in the box because I’m scared to open it and not be able to get it out again one day when I move). But since I didn’t get any bookshelves… maybe I’ll have to wait to do that until my birthday and hope I get one then?

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      1. Keep mentioning this to the people in your life and maybe just maybe you’ll get the shelf you’ll need by your birthday! That’s how I got my shelf, I just kept nagging and asking or bringing it up randomly lolol

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      2. Oh my gosh, good plan… annoy them to death. Haha. I have contingency plans if it does work, like moving my comic books… because my YA books are more important on that shelf (and prettier).

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