Owlcrate Unboxing – Faerie Dwelling Box (Queen of Nothing – Special Edition)

I was so excited for this one, because not only it it inspired by the Folk of the Air but Holly Black was involved!

Image result for owlcrate queen of nothing"

Faerie Dwelling Box

Trinket Dish

I feel like the various book subscription companies have been including this a lot in their boxes and I definitely don’t need another one. But it’s cool!

Tin Mug

This is pretty, but I don’t know how I feel about tin mugs so I probably won’t be keeping this.

The Folk of the Air Coaster Set

These are gorgeous and I definitely can always use more coasters.

Metal Spoons

These metal spoons are inspired by each book, can you figure out why?

USB-Powered Star Light Clips

These are so cute, I definitely want to find a way to use these.

Plastic Serving Tray

I like that this is unique, but I don’t love the colors so I have doubts that I will keep this.

Small Tapestry

This is about the size of a dishtowel, so I wouldn’t exactly call it a tapestry but they did so I’m going with it.

The Folk of the Air Pin

I’m a fan of collecting pins, so this is a pretty one to add to my bookish horde.

I believe this was part of the pre-order promo?

Jude and Cardan Art Print

These are gorgeous, so I am in love and will have to consider switching out some of my current artwork with the one on the right.

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black
(Owlcrate Exclusive)

I’m planning to start listening to this audiobook on my drive home today, so I am quite excited!

Really pretty, unique books are usually my favourite items and this is not an exception (although I also love those coasters) – what is your favourite item from this box?

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